Dmedix Ultra Repair Whitening Series Ampoules (2ml x 20)

This intensively formulated ampoule lightens dark spots and replenishes your skin to a natural glow. An effective solution for discolouration, dull and uneven skin tone.


  • Antioxidant
  • Lighten pigmentation and scars
  • Brighten and enhance skin complexion
  • #whitening
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  • 100% Authentic
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Is your skin dull, dry or lacklustre? Shine bright, radiant, and luminate from the inside out with this whitening series. Enriched with Vitamin C, licorice and chamomile extracts, the ampoule has proven ability to nourish, replenish, moisture and brighten skin tone, the key factors when it comes to maintaining good skin. It will leave your skin rejuvenated and velvety smooth for a radiant glow.

Step 1 Gently shake the ampoule and snap it at the narrowest point.
Step 2 Dispense the ampoule into the palm of your hand, and slowly begin to massage it into your skin.
Step 3 Apply it after cleansing and toning.
  • i. Cornus Officinalis Fruit Extract: Promoting exfoliation
  • ii. Chrysanthellum Indicum Flower Extract: Maintaining skin hydration
  • iii. Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Root Extract: Helps prevent discolorations